Live Streaming Broadcasts Now on YouTube


  St. Elia is broadcasting every service LIVE and now without any commercials or advertisements!  At the time of services, simply visit our YouTube Channel for our live feed and it will automatically appear for you.  All recordings are archived and saved for viewing at a later time in the playlist titled, “Divine Services in […]



OVERNIGHT APRIL 10, 9PM until APRIL 11, 9AM There is a sign-up sheet at the candle desk in the vestibule.       Holy Friday is one of the most solemn days within the life of the Orthodox Church. On this day, we witness our Lord willingly give His life for our sake. We watch […]

Church School End of Year Calendar


Church School Calendar of Class/Events MARCH 29th – regular class APRIL 5th (Palm Sunday) – ALL children to join in the procession of palms as a class 9th (Holy Friday) – A day of silence and of prayer.  If any child needs a letter to request excused absences from school, please see Fr. Don or […]

2015 Lenten Pastoral Letter of Bishop Alexander


Dearly beloved in Christ, The holy fathers frame the Christian life as a journey consisting of three phases or stages. These phases are not necessarily sequential. Throughout our earthly lives we will typically move back and forth between the first and second stages. On this side of eternity, the truly holy among us are blessed […]

Only one week left to sign up for the Lent prayer group!

St. Elia Psalm Prayer Group

It’s almost that time again! This Lent, join the St. Elia Prayer Group as we once again unite to pray the Psalms together throughout the fast, which for Orthodox Christians begins this year on Feb. 23. You do not need to be a member of St. Elia Akron to join. All you need is a […]