Illumined Path: Lord, Bless My Labor

From “How to Live a Holy Life,” by Metropolitan Gregory of St. Petersburg:

Illumined PathWhatever work you have to do in accordance with your position and profession … do all this as if for the Lord God himself, that is, do it because the Lord God demands it from you, and because that work is God’s work—do it and say in your soul to God: “O Lord, You assigned me this work. I am doing it in obedience to You and to please You.” Or: “O Lord, bless my labor. It was not without Your will that I found myself in the position in which I live, and the work that I do or should do is the work demanded by my position. You assigned it to me, so bless me and help me.”

Whoever does his daily work with such a disposition of spirit, no matter what it is and for whom he does it, works actually for the Lord God, and therefore will receive the reward from the Lord God Himself.

Illumined Path, providing reflections on finding Christ in our everyday lives, is a ministry of St. Elia the Prophet Orthodox Christian Church in Akron, Ohio.