Lenten Prayer Group

St. Elia Psalm Prayer GroupPrepare for Pascha by Praying the Psalms!

The Goal

To draw nearer to Christ and one another during this Lenten Fast by praying the Psalms together as a community, as we journey together toward holy Pascha.

How It Works

The Orthodox Church has divided the book of Psalms into 20 sections. In our St. Elia prayer group, we will all be praying a new section each day throughout the 40 days of the fast, so that we all will pray through the entire book of Psalms twice during the course of the fast.

Added Bonus

As we all join together in prayer, we can use this opportunity to pray for one another, for our parish, and for any special intentions that any of us may have. If you have an e-mail address, we will be able to share prayer requests with one another via e-mail.

What You Need

Nothing more than a Bible and a little bit of time to set aside each day.

How Do I Join?

Just complete the online sign-up form anytime before the beginning of Lent, or fill in your name on the sign-up sheet at church the next time you visit St. Elia. On the Sunday before Great Lent begins, printouts will be available at church and an e-mail will be sent out with a schedule of which Psalms to pray each day, and the names of everyone else who is participating in the prayer group, so that we can remember one another in our daily prayers.

Spread the Word!

This does not need to be limited only to members of St. Elia. Pass along this information to friends and relatives elsewhere and have them get in touch to join.

One Last Thing

May God bless us as we pray the Psalms together, and may He draw us nearer to Himself and to one another during this Lent. Have a blessed 40 days!