St. Thomas Sunday — April 22, 2012

The Second Sunday of Pascha is called Thomas Sunday. Thomas was not
present when Jesus first showed Himself to His disciples after His

belief of thomasThe Church remembers the gathering of the disciples and celebrates
Thomas’ confession on the eighth day after the Feast of the Resurrection.
Thomas’ brief but firm affirmation of belief: MY LORD AND MY GOD,
is the title often given to the Icon of St. Thomas. It portrays the greatest
confession of anyone portrayed in the Gospels. Thomas, who has seen
Christ in His earthly existence, now is transformed to see Christ through the
eyes of faith.

Today, spring breathes forth its perfumes, and the new creation shall rejoice! Today, the locks of the doors
of disbelief are lifted, because Thomas, the friend of Christ, cries out: “MY LORD AND MY GOD!”

On this day we break the Artos, the Pascha Bread blessed

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