Sunday of the Samarian Woman — May 13, 2012

samarian womanThe Fifth Sunday of Pascha deals with the woman of Samaria with whom Christ spoke at Jacob’s well. (John 4)Again the theme is the “Living Water” and the recognition of Jesus as God’s Savior. We are reminded of our NEW LIFE in Jesus, of our own drinking of the LIVING WATER – and the great gift of the TRUE FAITH – ORTHODOXY – and our participation in TRUE WORSHIP “in spirit and in truth” (Cf. John 4:23-24)

As we listen to the Gospel it becomes very evident how concerned our Lord was for truth – as He Himself declares: “I am the Truth, the Way and the Live”. It is also very obvious how erroneous are those who declare “that one religion is as good as another” or “it is all the same.” Our Lord died to establish the truth concerning God and man and that TRUTH is the LIFE-GIVING WATER found in His One, Holy, Catholic, Apostolic Orthodox Church.