Weekly Bulletin 6.1.14 ~ Holy Forefathers of the 1st Ecumenical Council

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IMPORTANT: We are trying to get as many parishioners on board as possible to receive the digital bulletin.  All one has to do is register their email address on the church website, www.saintelia.com, and from then on you will receive the digital bulletin every week and usually before the paper version is available.  There is a dedicated area on the home page to simply enter your email address and from then on you will receive not just bulletins; but also, any important news or updates that need to reach parishioners.  We have been doing well with our website and our Facebook page; however, get ready for an even larger scale of success with the technology we have and now will soon have even more of!  ALSO:  As part of our mission outreach program, we will be updating our streaming live broadcasts of services that will be free of advertisements, more user-friendly and will provide us and those who cannot attend services an even crisper and clearer view with a higher quality audio output.  MORE NEWS TO COME and SOON!

This is all wonderful, glorious and honorable outreach work to those who want to but for some reason cannot connect with us in person for whatever reason that might be.  The first step in helping with this endeavor begins with you signing up (friends and family, too) to our website.  If you wish to submit your email and are unsure how to go about doing it, have no fear.  We can do this right at the church and it will take less than a minute!



When people think of an Orthodox Church in Akron, Ohio –

they think of St. Elia the Prophet Orthodox Church on W. Wilbeth Rd in Akron, OH!

Questions?  Thoughts?  Ideas?   See Joseph Turner.








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